ALGOP Applauds Pro-Life Day in the Alabama House of Representatives

Today, Thursday, March 16, the Alabama House Republican Caucus is holding a “Pro-Life Day” to discuss and pass pro-life legislation.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement regarding today’s “Pro-Life Day” in the Alabama House of Representatives:

“Today is an important day in the Alabama House of Representatives as each bill on the agenda is dedicated to protecting the unborn and preserving the sanctity of life. In their ‘Alabama Proud’ legislative agenda that was released prior to the regular session, the House Republican Caucus promised to hold a ‘Pro-Life Day’ in the chamber and pass the bills on today’s agenda. Today they are proving good to their word.”

“The Alabama Republican Party passed a resolution at our 2017 Winter Meeting asking the legislature to pass strong pro-life legislation. We commend our elected officials who have prioritized this issue by proclaiming Thursday, March 16, 2017 as ‘Pro-Life Day.’ ”

“Some of the bills to be addressed today include: a constitutional amendment declaring Alabama a pro-life state (so we will be prepared to take action when Roe v. Wade is overturned) along with a bill allowing doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to opt out of performing abortions and other procedures that violate their religious and moral beliefs.”

“As chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, I applaud our House members for standing up for the most helpless, defenseless and innocent among us – the unborn. I look forward to the Senate’s support of these bills in the future.”

“I ask you to join me today in showing your members support by thanking them for their dedication to pro-life issues.”


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