Rising Republican Star Mary Scott Hunter

MSH1Mary Scott Hunter is this week’s Rising Star. Mary Scott grew up on the Alabama Gulf Coast and is the daughter of Scott and Deborah Hunter of Daphne, Alabama.

She graduated cum laude from the University of Alabama in 1995 and went on to The University of Alabama School of Law. Mary Scott was commissioned as a United States Air Force Lieutenant and served ten years as an Air Force Judge Advocate General. As a military attorney, she first served active duty in the Air Force, then in the Reserves and finally in the Alabama Air National Guard. Her assignments included two overseas tours to Korea and Germany, and a wartime deployment to the Middle East.

Mary Scott and her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Jon Shultz, brought their family back to Alabama in 2006 after serving out their last active duty Air Force assignment in Germany. Mary Scott was in private practice for five years before joining INTUITIVE Research and Technology Company in 2012, where she advises and leads the company’s business interests in Compliance, Ethics, and Risk and assists with Federal Lobbying and Business Development.

Mary Scott was elected to the Alabama State Board of Education in 2010 and won the Republican nomination for another term last month. She has served, or is serving, on the Board of Directors of the Alabama Association of School Boards and the National Association of School Boards. Mary Scott is also a trustee for Athens State University. She has been recognized and awarded honors for her leadership, her economic and workforce development efforts, and for her community service activities.


Mary Scott with her husband and children

Mary Scott believes strongly in giving back, and her philanthropic activity includes support for and on behalf of her church, the March of Dimes, Chooselife of North Alabama, Holy Spirit Haiti Missions, Farrah Law Society, and the Land Trust of North Alabama. She is a staunch financial supporter of the Alabama Republican Party and Republican candidates.

Mary Scott is active in local politics in Madison County and was recently re-elected to the Madison County Republican Executive Committee. She also won a seat on the State Executive Committee. She is a member of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women and the Downtown Republican Women of Huntsville.

Some of Mary Scott’s areas of focus on the Alabama State Board of Education have been Workforce Development, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and Career Technical Education. Attracting and retaining good jobs and raising the net worth of Alabama households through quality public education are always at the forefront of her efforts.

Mary Scott in Kuwait on September 10, 2001

Mary Scott in Kuwait on September 10, 2001

Madison County Representative Mike Ball says Mary Scott is “kind and gracious and thoughtful, but don’t mistake any of that for lack of willpower. She’s got a backbone, and you can cross her, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it!” Regarding her support for Common Core, Ball said, “I didn’t understand her decision. I do understand her perspective now; her stand is about higher standards for Alabama school children – her own included.”

The family attends Trinity United Methodist Church where Mary Scott teaches adult Sunday school and serves in Leadership. To learn more about Mary Scott and link to her through Facebook or Twitter, visit her website at www.maryscotthunter.com.

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