Rising Republican Star: Cole Manders


Cole Manders, of Daphne, AL, is an example of what can happen when a teen-age high school student realizes our country is in trouble and rolls up his sleeves to do something about it.  That is why he has been selected as this week’s Rising Republican Star.

Cole’s interest in the political arena began during the 2008 presidential campaign.  By the 2010 election, Cole had caught the political “bug” and got involved in the Governor’s race.

He came to the attention of Chairman Bill Armistead in 2010 during the Governor’s race when he observed a post that Cole made on Facebook indicating that he was concerned about our state and country.  After exchanging messages via Facebook they began conversing on the phone and decided they should meet.

>>>> The Chairman arranged to meet Cole at a Wendy’s in Daphne on one of his trips to Baldwin County. He immediately saw great potential in Cole and encouraged him to put his enthusiasm to work as a Teen Age Republican.  So with that, in 2011, Cole chartered the first Teenage Republican Club in Baldwin County at Spanish Fort High School and became the chairman of that club.

Cole graduated from Spanish Fort in 2012 and enrolled at the University of South Alabama where he has been active as a College Republican.  Cole also began attending meetings of the Baldwin County Executive Committee and upon recognizing his leadership skills he was elected to the Committee in 2013.  Not letting any grass grow under his feet Cole became active with the Young Republicans in Baldwin County and has been elected Chairman.

Though he attended University of South Alabama for his freshman year, Manders is transferring to Texas A&M at Galveston to complete his degree in Marine Transportation.  For the rest of his time in Galveston, he will be enrolled in the Corps of Cadets and graduate in 2016 with a USCG license.

“All too often, young political activists are deemed inexperienced and are told they must earn their stripes like the rest of us. Little do many know, the brightest, most inquisitive minds are those of young people. There should be no hierarchy of experience but rather an allegorical roundtable where everyone’s thoughts and opinions are regarded,” said Manders.

Cole and Dr. Ben Carson at Baldwin County Summer Dinner

Later in 2012, Manders ran for the vacant seat on the Baldwin County Board of Education.  Though he fell short in the end, he distinguished himself as an 18-year old people will see in future politics.

Manders is passionate about getting younger generations of conservatives involved in the political arena.  Because President Barack Obama had a five million-voter advantage of people below 30 and is now disregarding the constitution, Manders says, “We have to be involved, we have to be making a stand, and we have to ensure our public servants are being held accountable for the choices they make.”

After playing a great role in numerous campaigns on a local and state level, Manders is now heavily involved in the Mobile mayoral election.  He hopes to remain active in the Alabama Republican Party while in Texas, and ALGOP hopes he does as well!

“Young people being involved in the party goes beyond efforts to shape tomorrow’s leaders. This is because we are leaders, today, amongst those our own age; working with elected officials across the board to further our Republican Cause.” – Cole Manders

Alabama Republican Party