Poll Workers

Poll workers are always needed during the Primary and General Elections by the state, county, and candidates. The Republican Party is always in need of poll workers throughout the state to help Republican candidates and the GOP. We encourage anyone interested in participating in poll working to please contact us, your county chair, or your favorite candidate and aware them of your interest.

How do I become a poll worker?

The appointing board selects poll workers according to nominations made by political parties, previous poll working experience, and if nominees have attended poll working training schools.

The probate judge, sheriff, and clerk of the circuit court serve as the county’s appointing board. If any of the three are candidates, they are not eligible to serve on the appointing board. In that condition, the judge appoints replacements who are qualified electors of the county. An official who runs and is an unopposed candidate in a primary election can serve on the appointing board. The appointing board ONLY functions to appoint poll workers.

Each political party or organization that makes nominations for the general election may give the appointing board a list of names of at least three electors for each voting precinct. Lists are filed by the state party chairman, county party chairman, or by nominees for office.

Candidates nominated in primaries can submit a list of potential poll watchers to the county executive committee of his or her party until 25 days prior to the primary.

What are the duties of a poll worker? 

Poll workers have different duties depending on the type of voting method at the polling location:
  • 3 inspectors and 2 clerks are required for each paper ballot location
  •  one inspector, one chief clerk, and 2 assistant clerks are needed for each voting machine location
  •  electric voting systems require at least one inspector, a registration list clerk, a poll list clerk, and a ballot clerk at each polling location
Poll workers that oversee voting machines are required to have proper voting machine training.
 What is Poll Training?
Poll working instruction includes a demonstration and explanation of operating a voting machine.  Machines are set up to facilitate the demonstration of electric voting. Instruction school for poll workers must be held at least five days prior to an election or primary election.