Poll Watchers

The Republican Party is always in need of poll watchers throughout the state to help Republican candidates and the GOP. We encourage anyone interested in participating in poll watching to please contact us, your county chair, or your favorite candidate and aware them of your interest.

What is the purpose of a poll watcher?

A poll watcher’s purpose is to represent the interest of a candidate or party at a voting place, and to look for any irregularities that could be harmful to a candidate or the party.

How do I become a poll watcher?

Any party represented in a general election or primary can appoint a poll watcher for each voting precinct. Political parties can also nominate poll watchers in which they do not have candidates.

  • Any individual wanting to become a poll watcher must be a resident and qualified elector of Alabama.
  • The chairman of a local election committee, a nominee for office, or a beat committeeman can nominate poll watchers for a general election by writing to the inspector.
  • The nominating party must appoint a watcher in writing and sign it.
  • The watcher then presents the signed paper to election inspectors at the designated polling place where the watcher will be stationed.

What you shouldn’t do while poll watching:

  • Individuals cannot serve as poll watchers while also serving as election officials.
  • Poll watchers should not wear buttons, badges, or ribbons that have a candidate’s name printed on them while inside the polling place.

Information obtained from the Alabama Election Handbook, Fourteenth Edition.