2017 U.S. Senate Special Election Info

Declaration-of-Candidacy form

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the candidate to complete all qualification paperwork.

The qualifying fee is $3,480. The fee can be paid through check or here online:

Qualifying Fee Payment

Governor Ivey Moves U.S. Senate Special Election to Adhere with State Law:

U.S. Senate Special Election Dates 

August 15, 2017 Special Primary Election U.S. Senate

September 26, 2017 Special Primary Election Runoff U.S. Senate

December 12, 2017  Special General Election U.S. Senate

Individuals who have submitted qualifying forms to the Alabama Republican Party for the U.S. Senate Special Election:

Roy S. Moore

Email: rich.hobson@judgeroymooreforsenate.com

Dom Gentile

Email: helen.todd@helen2o.com

Randy Brinson

Email: info@votebrinson.com

Mo Brooks

Email: clay@mobrooksforsenate.com

Bryan Peeples

Email: info@bryanpeeples.com

Mary Maxwell

Email: marymaxwell836@yahoo.com.au

Joseph F. Breault

Luther Strange

Email: shana@lutherstrange.com

Trip Pittman

James Paul Beretta

Email: david@jamesberetta2017.com