2016 Alabama College of Electors

The Alabama Republican Party elected nine members to the United States Electoral College. Two members are elected statewide with the remaining seven elected from each of Alabama’s congressional districts.

The two statewide Alabama Electoral College members, Perry Hooper, Jr. and Grady Thornton were elected at the 2016 ALGOP Summer State Executive Committee Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama on August 27, 2016.

The congressional district Electoral College members were elected in meetings for each district prior to the ALGOP State Executive Committee Meeting.

The seven electors from Alabama’s congressional districts are:

District 1- Frank Burt, Jr.
District 2- Will Sellers
District 3- Jim Wilson
District 4- Tim Wadsworth
District 5- Elbert Peters
District 6- Mary Sue McClurkin
District 7- Bob Cusanelli

These nine electors will meet together on Monday, December 19 at noon in Montgomery to cast Alabama’s nine votes for Donald Trump for president.