Alabama’s Battleground Patriots

UPDATE: Registration is now CLOSED.

Greetings Fellow Conservative:

America is at a tipping point and voters will soon choose which direction we will go.  Alabamians clearly understand that America, as we have known it, will never be the same if we allow Barack Obama to have another term as President.

I am concerned that many voters in other states underestimate how radically President Obama would change our country if he is re-elected.

That is why the Alabama Republican Party has organized the Alabama Battleground Patriots to go into four battleground states to spread the truth about this election to the voters in these states.

Patriots will be deployed to  states that voted for Obama in 2008 – Florida and Ohio.  No Republican has been elected president without carrying Ohio and Gov. Romney cannot win without these states.

We must engage in this battle. Volunteers can join the Alabama Battleground Patriots by signing up here.  Once deployed, the Patriots will perform traditional campaign tasks. All necessary training will be provided to our Patriots.

We have an opportunity to make a real difference in this election and NOW is the time to act. The American Patriots of 1776 will not recognize America as the country they founded if we lose this election.

This election is going to be close and we need your help. Remember the Presidential election in 2000?  President Bush won Florida, and thus the Presidency, by the slimmest of margins. What if this election is that close this year and we lose?  Will you have done all that you can to defeat Obama and elect Romney?

For the cause,

Bill Armistead

Help fund the Alabama Battleground Patriots by donating here.

As you fill out the form, let us know to which city you’d like to deploy.

Ohio Deployment

City: Dayton, OH
Dates: Wednesday, October 24th – Sunday, October 28th
Bus One – Departure and return: Huntsville, AL
Bus Two – Departure and return: Birmingham, AL

Florida Deployment

City: Jacksonville, FL
Dates: Sunday, October 21st – Thursday, October 25th
Departure and return: Birmingham with a pit-stop in Dothan