Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson

Matt is a Circuit Court Prosecutor with the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office and worked in the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office as the Child Sex/Internet Crimes Prosecutor from 2008-2011. He is the Chairman of the Baldwin County Republican Party Executive Committee and former Chairman of the Baldwin County Young Republicans. He serves on Alabama Republican […]

State Senator Clay Scofield

Senator Clay Scofield

A freshman Senator, Clay is a third generation poultry farmer and a life-long resident of Senate District 9, which includes parts of Marshall, Madison and Blount counties. The owner of Clay Scofield Farms, he is the former chairman of the Blount County Young Farmer’s Committee and is a member of the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of […]

Megan-Rhea Lewis

Megan-Rhea Lewis

Meet Megan-Rhea Lewis!  A freshman at Huntingdon College, Megan-Rhea is the Chairwoman of the Huntingdon College Republicans. This English major is a native of Dothan and has volunteered with the Martha Roby Campaign, the Paul Lee Campaign and helped with GOTV efforts in Houston County. Recently, she decided to get involved with promoting the new […]

Chairman Armistead Discusses Party Unity

Taken from an excerpt in an interview on APT’s Capitol Journal, Chairman Armistead discusses party unity.

Chairman Armistead Interviewed On Capitol Journal- Part 2

Chairman Bill Armistead appeared on APTV’s Capitol Journal to talk about a united Alabama Republican Party, the responsibilities borne from being the majority party in the state, and the phenomenal way our Republican legislators are implementing the Republican Handshake with Alabama.