Minority Outreach For Real


Conservatives in Alabama should feel welcome in the Alabama Republican Party. We are the only party in Alabama that promotes a conservative philosophy that Alabamians embrace.  The National Democrat Party and the Alabama Democrat Party have become one and the same over the last few years. And most Alabamians cannot stomach the radical leftist policies espoused by the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party’s liberal social philosophies of abortion, same-sex marriage and socialistic health care have driven many into the Republican Party in Alabama. Those joining the ranks of the Alabama Republican Party are a diverse group including African-Americans and Hispanics; young and old; rich and poor.

A growing number of minorities no longer feel at home in the Democrat Party. Many have come to the realization that President Obama and the Democrat Party have been unable to keep their promises to lower the unemployment rate and put people back to work.

>>> The Alabama Republican Party is reaching out to minorities to let them know that we welcome them into our party if they share our conservative philosophy. Our outreach to minorities has recently become more formal with the addition of a Director of Minority Outreach on our ALGOP staff.

Troy Towns is now ALGOP’s full time Director of Minority Outreach. Troy has been active in the Alabama Republican Party for several years and serves as Vice Chairman of the Montgomery Minority GOP. Troy was one of our recent Rising Republican Stars and everyone at headquarters is very excited about having him on our team.

Troy Towns and WifeTroy was raised in Rochester, New York, but has been a resident of Alabama for over 20 years. He lives in Montgomery where he co-owns an optical business. Troy’s faith in God and conservative ideals has led him to be a motivational speaker and political activist.

As an optician, Troy has been helping people improve their vision for years. Now he is helping people improve their vision of the future by introducing them to the Republican Party. His goal is to re-introduce the conservative message to the minority community by demonstrating how their lives can be enhanced through the values that the Republican Party embraces. Troy believes that there are hundreds of “closet conservatives” that will be lured out of the shadows once they realize many minorities already share their conservative values.

“Voting your values” is Troy’s constant mantra. Troy challenges Alabama’s voters to improve their community, their state and their nation by voting NOT by party affiliation but rather by supporting candidates that most represent their faith and values. He believes that once minorities begin voting their values, the Republican Party will see our ranks swell in membership.

Troy has already begun planning numerous outreach projects across the state and has truly hit the ground running. Troy’s expertise and eager spirit are exactly what we need to spread the conservative ideals of the Republican Party throughout every neighborhood in Alabama. Anyone who would like to join with Troy and ALGOP in reaching out to minorities in our state should contact Troy at ALGOP headquarters at 205-212-5900 or ttowns@algop.org.

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