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Storm Victims Need Your Assistance

Dear Fellow Republicans: Uppermost in all of our minds is the disaster that struck Alabama last Wednesday. Tragedies like this tend to put everything into perspective. I’ve heard a number of people comment that as they sat in their living rooms, watching television the tornadoes wreaked havoc across the state, all they wanted to do […]

2012 Republican Primary Date About to be Set

Dear Fellow Republicans, In 2008, Alabama held its Presidential Primary on the second Tuesday of February. This was our first year to hold the presidential separate from our regular June Primary. The purpose was to give Alabamians more of a voice in who would be the Republican nominee for President. You will remember that former Arkansas Gov. Mike […]

The Price of Liberty

Dear Fellow Republicans, If you are like me life is passing, oh, so fast.  Sometimes we just have to stop and think about what is most important and meaningful to us.  One of the things that comes to mind is the liberty that we have in this country.   It seems to me that the issue […]

Time for DC to take a page from Alabama’s playbook!

Dear Fellow Republicans: What is the difference between Washington, DC and Montgomery, Alabama?  Simply put… responsibility. This week in DC they are still attempting to finalize a budget for fiscal year 2011.  In Montgomery, Republican House members have already passed all of the Handshake with Alabama legislation and it only took 10 days. The general […]